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More than 80% of people afflicted with cancer are concerned about the impact of side effects on their quality of life during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In response to the need to manage these side effects, Evolife Laboratories have developed products for skin, oral, nail, hair and hygiene care uniquely developed for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Evolife products contain a unique blend of minerals that are naturally present in Evaux-les-Baines, France thermal spring water which have shown to assist patients by providing ultimate hydration and protection.

Launched successfully in Europe, USA and Asia, Evolife products are utilized at leading oncology centers around the world. In the Philippines, Evolife products are now available through Point of Care Solutions, Inc.,

Evolife and PCSI share the same commitment and dedication in providing innovative products for Filipino cancer patients to help improve their quality of life.


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"I am currently undergoing oral chemotherapy- Xeloda. My palms and soles are becoming dry. Yung feet ko pag tinatapak ko masakit sya, I cant find a right footwear to make me comfortable. My nails are also drying up-- para na silang patay. Dr. Tiangco recommended me to use EvoSkin Gel Cream and EvoNail. After using it for a few days, i have notice nalessen na yung pain sa paa ko, naging maayos yung paglalakad ko. i am aware that dry palms and soles ang side effect ng chemo drug ko but with the use of EvoSkin Gel Cream na control yung mga nararanasan ko sa paa at kamay ko. with Evonail naman, hindi na rin masyadaong nag dry up, hindi rin ako nagprogress sa pangingitim, unlike sa ibang patient na nakikita ko, halos itim na buong kuko nila."


"Ako c Felina. isang breast cancer patient. Nung 1st day ko sa radiation natakot ako sa nakita kong mga patient na sunog ang balat.buti nalang naintroduced nila sakin ang 'EVOLIFE' kaya nung ika 2nd day ko hanggang sa ika- 30days gumamit ako ng EVOSKIN GEL natutuwa naman ako sa resulta kasi sabi ng doctor ko at ng mga therapist doon ang ganda daw ng balat ko at hindi nagsugat gawa ng madalas kong pag gamit ng EVOSKIN. Kaya ako ay nagpapasalamat at may EVOLIFE pra sa aming mga cancer patient."


"Nagstart ako gumamit ng EvoSkin Gel Cream sa first day pa lang ng treatment ko. Ginagamit ko sya 2times a day everyday hanggang sa matapos yung treatment ko. Maganda sya, hindi nasunog yung balat ko. Hindi sya nangitim. Namula lang yung balat ko pero nung malapit na akong matapos treatment ko, mgalast week na yun. ginamit ko padin sya kahit tapos na akong mag radiation bumalik sa dati yung kulay ng balat ko."


"Maganda at effective siya. Hindi masyado ngdry ang skin ko. And ung evomucy naman maganda din sya kasi mabilis makawala ng mouth sores at nawawala din yung pain."


"Ganito lang po sir, 1 hour after rad lalagyan yung part na niraradiation, pag na dry na naman, lagyan ulit. Bago matulog lagyan ulit at huwag hayaan na ma dry siya kasi masakit, makati at hindi ka comfortable.the following day pag ligo ang evoskin cleanser ang isabon sa portion na niraradiation. ganon lang po." "The best result po ng evoskin with the cleanser as your soap are very effective, just apply 3x aday. and apply evoskin cleanser, your skin will not be burned while you undergo the treatment."

Christopher, NY, USA

EvoNail - This is a wonderful product. My nails were very soft and falling off as before I Started using this product. In barely 2 weeks, my nails feel stronger and also nail beds are not as sore as before. My nails are showing positive and quick signs of improvements. Thank you.

Johanna Bowie, Senior Sister, London, UK

EvoDeo - Now that we have a constant and steady supply of your products we have been using them on a number of patients. The EvoDeo has been a hit with the breast patients too. Thank you for your ongoing support and help.

Christopher Sloan, Dallas, TX

Evocapil - has helped a lot with my dry and flaky scalp. It doesn't itch anymore like it used to. Thank you.

Lyon, France

EvoDry - [Enabled] the patient to rediscover the pleasure of eating and talking without discomfort. - Annick Courtin, Sister of Chemotherapy

Alexander, GA, USA

EvoMucy - is an ultimate panacea for dry and sore mouth. I am using evomucy rinse and spray from 2 weeks and can tell a big difference. My mouth feels normal and I am able to enjoy eating and chewing as before, I had mouth sores.

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